Things to Consider When Designing Your Loading Dock Area

Docks can possibly be dangerous places to work on. However, it’s a usual routine to come across these areas for receiving and shipping out goods of an enterprise. It may not be avoided working with loading dock in North Carolina but its risks can certainly be reduced.

Loading dock design in North Carolina area are expected to efficiently run with all the safety measures in ensuring that workers lives won’t be placed at risk. The designs must always be strategic and sustainable making it more functional and less distressing for the business owners, company workers, and the truck driver.

Read on this list of things needed to be considered when contemplating for the exceptional design of a safe and efficient loading dock area:

1. Strategic Location

It must be designed with a downright accessibility along the process while keeping it apart from the crowded entrances, other vast work areas, and public areas.

2. Access to the Loading/Unloading of the Vehicle

Have the loading dock with a standard compliance of ADA Accessibility Guidelines that has a maximum slope of 1:12. It must be maintained with an access ramp that expands from the loading dock to the parking area. By this, deliveries for small and large trucks can be granted.

3. Vehicle Arrangement

Loading bay must be equipped with a plate, board or leveler, which usually depends on the vehicle weight and traffic stipulations. This helps in bridging the gap between the dock and the truck bed.

4. Premature Loading Prevention

Wheel chocks, vehicle restraints, loading dock light, and communication packages (stop & go lights) can expertly be installed to prevent the premature loading and departure of the loading dock. On top of that, safety is also imposed.

5. Ultimate Dock Edge Protection

Dock bumpers and edge guards must be installed to avoid acquiring incessant damages to your trucks and docks.

6. Safety Dock Doors

Provide protection to your building exterior by ensuring that overhead coiling doors are properly positioned.

7. Protect with an Overhead

During the loading and unloading operations, a covering along the edge of the loading platform must be provided. Given that it also secures protection from the changing weather, it is highly recommended for the operations. Let the Passport Door and Dock Systems install the Dock seals and shelters for an added protection.