Top 2 Ways To Create A Marketing Copy That Drives Engagement

The world of marketing has changed. And, for the most part, the internet has driven that transformation. Before the internet, businesses solely relied on the broadcast route. That was the most powerful method for businesses to get their promotional message out in front of their targeted audiences. Most Melbourne marketing companies can vouch for that fact.

Fast forward to the hyper-connected world where we are now, all that has changed. Today, the internet allows innovative ways for businesses like yours to get connected with their audiences. But no matter whether it’s the old broadcast route or the more radical online channels, one thing still remains the same. It’s your brand’s promotional message.

So, it doesn’t really depend on where your allegiances are-the broadcast route or the online way. You’ve got to craft a compelling promotional message. Then only your copy can sell. Like, literally. Most Melbourne marketing firms vouch for that as well.

That’s why, in this post, we’re covering the top two ways to create a compelling marketing copy that pushes engagement without being too pushy. Let’s get started.

Quit being a pushy sales copywriter

The days of aggressive selling are long gone. That kind of selling format was still acceptable when the broadcast media was in its heyday. Back then, for capturing the attention of the audience, a business had to be aggressive and loud. Why? Well, because a business’s commercials were interrupting the people who were engrossed in something else. So that’s why the companies used the two-minute slot in TV or radio programmes by being downright brazen.

At that time, the promotional message was all about a business and its solutions. And it didn’t directly cater to the problems of the target audience.

But, now, times have changed. Today, your audiences online have the power to skip your pre-roll. So, you needn’t be pushy. Instead, your marketing message of today should help the clients overcome their problem. It should make your clients a better version of themselves in one way or the other.

So, the bottom line is simple. Quit being a pushy sales writer.

Say hello to a friendly, conversational way of writing and selling

Now, you know that an ideal promotional message needn’t be pushy. So, how can you make your promotional message carry a friendly tone? How can you make a message that doesn’t sound too much aggressive?

It’s simple. You’ve got to make the language of your promotional message simple and conversational. You’ve got to quit that bazaar-styled writing. Instead, replace it with a language that’s definite, clear, and helpful.

Long story short, your promotional message should tell the clients about what your solution will do to improve their lives. The message should tell that how your offerings will benefit your target audiences.

And all these benefits should be presented in a message that’s easy to digest. Here’s one pro tip: Always read aloud the promotional copy once you think it’s good to go. By doing that, you’ll understand whether the message is talking to your clients or just pitching them instead. If it sounds like a run-of-the-mill sales pitch, rewrite the message unless you’ve made it conversational and helpful.